Arif Lohar thrilled Houstonian, Rehan Siddiqi did it again and packed out the Ayva Center


By: Natasha Khan

Houston: Despite the flash flood warnings, thunderstorms and down pour to hit Houston on the Friday 27th May, Rehan Siddiqi did it

05againand packed out the Ayva Center, The audience that Arif Loharwitnessed and performed for was at least 6 times more than any other city had performed for, on his “Jugni USA tour”. From the offset Arif Lohar was able to captivate the audience with his unique cultural folk music performance. Arif Loharshowed his excitement &warmth towards Houston’s audience by stepping of the stage and mingling among the audience and singing directly to individuals.

The high light of the whole evening was when Arif Loharperformed his super hit Sufi song “jugni” for over an hour with different rendi tions and styles, which got the audience dancing on there feet.

Even after a three and a half hours of non-stop “live performance” Houston was still asking for more from the esteemed Arif Lohar.

After the show Arif Lohar was courteous enough to pose for photographs and meet&greet with the audience, Arif Lohar even gave a very warm interview to GEO television sharing a heartfelt, warm thank you to Rehan Siddiqi and congratulating him on successfully bridging the cultural divide with such positivity and promoting sufi music with in the Desi American community.