Farhan Live– Saturday, May 22, 2016 – NRG



The Biggest and Most Spectacular Bollywood Rock Concert, with The Most Highly Acclaimed  Superstar of All Time is Coming to Houston,

Rehan Siddqi is Bringing  you  “The Zinda Tour” Presenting Farhan Akhtar.
The Bollywood rock concert, will be the year’s Most Popular and Upscale Bollywood Show as it includes High Caliber, classy, Accomplished, and the Best of the World of Music.
Farhan Akhtar is one of the Most Powerful Bollywood Icon of the Film Industry of India, as he is a Bollywood Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Singer, and Television Host.

Farhan Akhtar will be arriving with 8 of his band members, Shannon Donald / Sarosh Izedyar / Anurag Rao / Darshan Doshi/ Umang Doshi/ Anupam Deghatak/ Dibyajoti Nath/ Ashish Saksena. Along side Indian composer, record producer and singer “Papon” known for his  fusion folk music.

This is all happening on Sunday, May 22 at the NRG Arena at 8:00 PM
So get your tickets NOW by clicking on the link provided.