Rehan makes history…! First time in Houston’s history, Pakistanis and Indians celebrated their independence days together

Houston: For the first time in Houston’s history, Pakistanis and Indians celebrated their independence days together in a joint event. Rehan Siddiqui of Radio Hum Tum added a new chapter in the life of South Asian community of Houston. A joint independsence day event where thousands of people from two countries stood in respect for each other’s national anthems. Rehan Siddiqui thanked the audience for the brotherly gestures for each other.
According to details, Rehan Siddiqui hosted the musical evening in local arena where thousands of Houston residents of Pakistani and Indian dissent gathered to celebrate their independence days. The event hall which started getting filled by droves of Pakistani and Indian enthusiasts was full even before the start of the event. Rehan Ahmad was Master of ceremony while Pakistani visiting artists Wahid Bukhsh Allan Faqeer, Mai Namani, Sajid Allan Faqeer, Akhtar Mahrvi and Pakistani popular singer Jawwad Ahmad entertained the audience with their popular songs, as well as the famous Indian singer Kelash Kher also mesmerized people in attendance with his captivating performance.
Performances of popular singers Jawwad Ahmad and Kelash Kher went well with audience but a brief performance of Allan Faqeer and Mai Namani was the highlight of the event where they only presented three of their songs but were the best received by audience. Allan Faqeer folk dance and his performance was not only mesmerizing but also left people dancing in tunes of the popular folk numbers. Pakistani folk singers were not given enough time for performances due to paucity of time. People in attendance wanted to see more of them
Program host Rehan Siddiqui thanked all in attendance and said that this independence day celebration is void of any politics and is an expression of solidarity from people of both countries. He said that he has not invited any Consulate General or officers of any other Association as the event is aimed to be people’s celebration of their country’s independence. He said that our artists are true ambassadors of our nations and today they have proved that music has no border. He said that people of two countries stood in respect for each other’s national anthems is a testimony of maturing of our people.
Speaking to audience Kelash Kher said that today’s event shows that we all are knitted with the wires of humanity and whenever we see challenges and calamities we jump to help each other regardless of if the victim is a Pakistani or an Indian or Afghan. Pakistani popular singer Jawwad Ahmad said that it was for the first time he saw people stood in respect for both Pakistani and Indian anthems. He said that his message is of socialism which does not divide people in race religion, gender or sex. He said that world peace will be attained when all will be equal, and will take care of each other’s. Rehan Siddiqui thanked the program sponsors. The program ran till late at night, where among other things several booths were also presented with commercial products. Kids entertainment was also provided with games, rides and other booths for their entertainment. People in attendance liked the arrangements and thanked organizers for the event of unique nature