Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmad: Some day in the future, we might make a film on Junoon

Salman Ahmad

This being your Bollywood debut as an artiste, how did the transition come to be?

Everything in my life happened because there was a whisper in my heart. I trained to be a doctor, but I followed my heart in wanting to be an artiste. Vivek Kumar, Rhythm’s director, read the film’s synopsis to me. What I loved about the story was two things: the story follows a group of friends, pursuing their careers, but equally passionate about performing. Rinil Routh’s character, Avantika, aspires to take on performing like me after she watches me at a concert in the film. The same happened in my life. I attended a concert of Jimmy Page, and seeing him, aspired to be like him. The film’s message of following one’s heart won me over.

You also make a cameo appearance in the film. How was the experience of shooting for it different from shooting for music videos?

Shooting for the two songs were similar to how we shoot for our music. But the part where I play Avantika’s mentor was challenging, as I had to get into character. However, it all fell in place after a few takes

Your hit single with Junoon, ‘Sayonee,’ created wonders with audiences. Are any of Rhythm’s songs expected to receive similar status?

I think the song ‘Yaaron’ that I did with Sunidhi Chauhan is a powerful song. Also ‘Kaise Bolu’ is equally nice. They are modern but possess the Sufi touch.

This year being Junoon’s 25th anniversary, can we expect the band to have its own film soon?

I think so. I really enjoyed working with Vivek. So I think this might just be the next step for me.