Shilpa Shinde files an FIR against Benaifer Kohli!

Shilpa Shinde claims that Benaifer Kohli spread false news that she had stopped coming for shoots without notice, when Shilpa was just on a holiday. She then threatened Shilpa to turn up or pay Rs. 10 crore

Actress Shilpa Shinde from Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain has been making the headlines for a while now. This time she has filed an FIR against her now ex-producer Benaifer Kohli. She has even told a leading daily that she is planning to file a complaint against the Cine and Television Actors Association (CINTAA) for imposing a lifetime ban on her. Shilpa has been putting up a tough fight against both Benaifer Kohli as well as CINTAA for a while now. And the buzz is that she has registered an FIR against her producer on March 29, 2016.
Speaking to an online portal, she said, “I used to always tell my producer that I have some health issues and I needed her cooperation. The location of the shoot was also very far away, and I told her that but she didn’t bother about that. We always had fights regarding dates and timings. In March, after I completed a year with the production house, Benaifer told everyone in the media that I am throwing tantrums and that’s the reason she’s replacing me. They had given me a holiday, but after 2-3 days, I was called back on the sets. So, I asked them to first clear this news and then call me. But I never got a call back from them. This happened on the March 3, 2016. I had also been given a termination notice by them.”

Shilpa claims that, ten days after this incident, she received a legal notice from the production house stating that she must come for the shoot within 48 hours or she would have to pay them Rupees 10 crore. The actress says that her producer spread false news that she had stopped coming for the shoot without notice.

The actress says that she is unhappy with CINTAA as well. She feels that the association is more in favour of producers than actors. She believes that the CINTAA had no business interfering in this matter. It was a legal issue and she was going to go the legal way.

Shilpa Shinde is currently undergoing treatment at an Ayurvedic centre in Pune for some health issues. Once she is back in Mumbai, it is heard that she is planning to file another case of Metal and Physical Harassment against Benaifer Kohli.