1909848_558199267670079_7446241605669777619_nKeeping our community informed and connected to the world is paramount & of upmost importance to the brand of 106.1 Hum Fm. With that being said, Rehan Siddiqi would like to announce the launch of a brand new platform to hit the town of Houston and Dallas “THE JAGO TIMES” (print media).

THE JAGO TIMES, is a fortnightly newspaper, that will be distributed throughout Dallas and Houston, with the ethos, to print factual, independent, objective analysis of current affairs and community news.

What sets THE JAGO newspaper aside from all the rest, is its format, that has incorporated not one but three different major languages, catering to a wider community, which includes English, Urdu and Gujrati. Each section of the newspaper has its own dedicated editors, journalists and professional content writers, making “JAGO TIMES” even more newsworthy. “JAGO TIMES” is obtainable at no cost to its readers from hundreds of locations across Houston & Dallas.

An online version of “JAGO TIMES” is accessible via the following link

For a print version, distribution and circulation call,

Raheel A Khanzada at 682-551-6500.

For enquiries and more information contact,

The Resident Editor: Rehan Siddiqi at 713-545-4115.

The Editor in Chief: Raja Zahid Khanzada at [email protected]